Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We had a flood here on September 7 & 8.  It was a pretty scary time.  On Wednesday I decided to stay home for the day since my son was with my mom. It rained and rained - actually it had been raining since Sunday.  I was watching tv and they started issuing flood warnings for flash flooding.  Pretty soon they were saying the river was going to flood, but it would be minor.  Within a couple of hours the neighborhood across the creek from us had flooded and the river flooding was major.  I tend to be paranoid so I started packing up dog food and water and by dark I had my car loaded and ready to go.  We didn't get much sleep and I left with four dogs at 8 am on Thursday - about an hour before they came and told my hubby he had to leave.  So he put the other four dogs in his truck and we all stayed at my moms.  It was very crowded and we had to keep five dogs on the enclosed porch as they tend to be jumpy so I can't have them near my mom.  Luckily, we did not flood, but many people who have never been flooded before lost everything.  This was our 2nd 100 year flood in five years.  The doggies did pretty well considering they never all go bye-bye in the car at the same time.  Hubby took four of them home the next day, but I had to stay at my moms for FIVE days because she lost power and with her dementia she was totally out of it.  Zoe and Zena both had terrible cases of the runs and I spent most of my time cleaning up after them.  It was not a fun time.  Thank God we used to camp alot so once I got fuel for the coleman stove I was set.  It was a little hard with no tv and no computer.   I always wondered how it would go if we ever had to evacuate with all the dogs and aside from me screeching orders at my hubby, it went pretty well.  We are all happy to be home again, but 1000's of people lost everything they had.
This is the floodwall that saved our neighborhood. Normally you would not be able to see the creek in this picture.

Whitley and Lexi having a wrestling session after we all made it to my moms.
Maddison waiting for it to stop raining so someone will throw the ball for her.

Dutchess hiding - she was the only one really upset by the whole thing.
Zena and Zoe checking things out
Missy was in the house with my mom - she is her favorite.

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  1. those floods were very scary! we watched the river & creek levels around us very closely. it was incredible how fast they all crested! our in laws had to evacuate (with their cat) but we didn't.

    i did have to think about where we would go with our four dogs, since my mom is in a flood zone too. I hope we never have to, but after reading this and being so scared watching our local water levels... i should have a plan for the next time!