Monday, September 5, 2011

Zoe and Zena and a Broken Leg

Zoe and Zena

Zoe and Zena arrived yesterday.  We got an e-mail on Friday night late telling us that Zoe had been limping and they had an x-ray done showing that her right leg had been broken at some point at the growth plate and this is how it healed.  Our choice was to have them send her or leave her behind where she would be headed for the back door.  So now she's here and we will be getting the leg checked to see if anything can be done about it at this point.  These pups were from a litter of seven and five came to our rescue and into foster homes.  I think the other two went to Maryland.  They are five months old and have spent the last three months in the shelter in a 10x6 foot kennel.  It is amazing how good they get along with people.  Unfortunately my dogs are not as welcoming as they usually are and have been kind of standoffish and aloof.   The pups keep trying to make friends with them, but they pretty much just get ignored.  The only one who will play with them is Whitley who is the last dog I would expect too. They are not potty trained at all so we are going thru a lot of paper towels and Nature's Miracle.  And it has been raining non stop since they got here.  They have no manners at all and get into everything!  We are working on that.

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