Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zoe Foster

Zoe - showing off her bad leg
Zoe is still here and probably will be as she has had no interest.  The rescue owner wants to have her leg amputated because she thinks she will get adopted that way.  I hate to have it done unless it is truly needed.  She walks and runs and jumps just fine with it.  I am thinking of taking her to my vet for a 2nd opinion, but will have to pay for it myself.  Zoe also is very jumpy and very mouthy.  I normally train my dogs with positive reinforcement, but that did not work for Zoe's biting so I am ashamed to say that I resorted to a nose tap and that is working much better. I know her behavior comes from being in the shelter her whole life until she came here. It is hard to get the pups that have been in the shelter for so long because they are so crazy. She is a smart little pup and has learned sit, down and touch quickly.  She has not mastered loose leash walking yet, but she is not a strong puller so walking her is not an issue.  I am trying to get her trained well in case she is not adopted and ends up staying here.  I actually have thought of keeping her,  but that would put an end to fostering as there is just not enough room in my house or money in my pocket for another dog.  It might be nice to have the same dogs in the house for a while and just be able to work with them.  Lexi and Lacey both need some training time too.  I will have to think on this.

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  1. Zoe is very pretty!

    I would hesitate about amputating too, maybe the rescue thinks someone will find a three legged dog more of appealing in that she garners more sympathy?

    I imagine there could be lots of complications with an amputation, not to mention recovery time with a crazy dog will be no fun for you!!

    Also, I've found having a newly sprung shelter dog (or one like Zoe that has basically grown up in a shelter) wear a DAP collar for about two weeks helps get the basic training done calmly. Not fool proof by a long shot though :)