Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adoptions Way Down.

Delilah still waiting for forever home
Well we have only had one application on Delilah and it was from a family with three very young children.  Our rescue will not adopt out puppies to families with young children because we usually get them back.  We have many pups in our rescue now and the shelter we pull from has so many they need to find rescue for.  It just breaks my heart when I see them.  There is a little black pup that we are pretty sure is Delilahs sister.  I am working on Black Dog Dad to let me bring her up.  But so far it's a big no.  I don't think he would be so against it if dogs were moving, but with adoptions so slow he is afraid we will not be able to find a home for her.  Delilah came in with a litter of six shep mixes and one boxer mix and so far only two pups have been adopted and it's been almost three weeks.  Last year at this time most of them would be adopted.  Most of the pups I brought up were around six months old and they were usually gone within two or three weeks. Unfortunately the economy is really affecting the people that would adopt, but now can't afford it.  It just sucks!

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