Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Delilah Not Feeling Well

Lexi still need some work
Had to take Delilah to the vet on Saturday.  She had a tummyache and we still don't know why.She was totally quiet and would not play and cried if we picked her up or moved her.  Her abdomen was very painful, but she was eating and pottying ok.  She got some antibiotics to take for a few days and seems to be feeling better.My sister has been in town for a couple of weeks so I have not had a lot of extra time for my dogs.  I took Lexi to clicker training last night and she was crazy. You could tell that she had not been working on her training. She is my hardest dog to take care of as she is very impulsive and high energy.  She jumps and barks and is a royal pain in the butt sometimes.  She still needs a lot of training.

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