Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delilah has some issues

Delilah meeting Whitley

Having a nap with Maddison

Playing with her new toy
Delilah made it in Sunday and is settling in.  I took her to the vet last night and she has two displaced ribs and probably a broken pelvis which is healing and she gets around fine - just a little stiffness in her back left leg.  Unfortunately, her right eye issue is probably a birth defect and she does not see much out of it.  The strangest thing is she is a resource guarder.  Eight weeks old and she guards her food and toys from people and dogs.  She has bit me twice when I have tried to take a nylabone away from her.  So I am hand feeding her and I control all treats and toys.   Hopefully she will start feeling more comfortable and realize she will get lots of food and treats.  All the big dogs have accepted her and Lexi and Lacey play with her, but I have to watch them so they don't get too rough.  She barked and growled at all the dogs we saw at the vet last night so I am going to take her to puppy playtime at Petco for some socialization.  Hopefully someone will fall in love with her even though she isn't perfect.

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