Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deliiah Adopted - Lucy Here

Delilah was adopted August 7. I cried all the way home.  I get so attached to puppies.  Anyway she went to a great home in the country.


Lucy snuggling with two of my grandnieces
Lucy came in this past Sunday - she looks so much like Delilah that I thought they were siblings, but the sending shelter said they were found 15 miles apart.  After being here a couple of days I can see Lucy is much more outgoing and is not afraid of a lot of the things that Delilah was.  She is also loves to be snuggled where Delilah liked to lay by you and be petted.  I am hoping she isn't here too long so I won't get too attached to her.  We have been busy with rescue events, but is is helping to move our pups so we can bring more in.  It does take up a lot of weekend time!

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