Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lucy Adopted

Lucy was adopted on Friday.  She and one of the rescue owners pups were adopted together.  I am hoping they are not to much for the couple that adopted them.  Hopefully we will hear how they are doing today.  I was not real happy with the couple that adopted her - I really think they are biting off more than they can chew, but we will see.

Yesterday we sold our crafts at a fundraiser for a local non profit animal hospital.  It was a long day in the hot sun with very little profit.  Need to think of new ways to raise $$ for the rescue.  


  1. Oh, I know that feeling! I've very seldom felt an adopter was quite good enough for any of my fosters, but they've all worked out so far. Best of luck with this one, and keep us posted!

  2. PS, your foster boy is gorgeous. I know how tough it is to work with reactive dogs! I've posted some things that might help on my blog about leash reactivity; one is

    My dog Lamar is fear reactive, as was my foster dog Lars--who was similar, it sounds like, to your Whitley. That vigilant, nervous shepherd thing.

    Lamar and I have spent a lot of time building up joy around him hearing his name--which I say, then follow with a treat--so he knows that if he hears his name on a walk in that happy tone of voice, he should look at me. We've made huge progress in having him learn to do that even when he's stressed by seeing another dog.

    It sounds like you're doing some clicker training with him, which is awesome!

    When I had Lars I thought I would have him forever too, and it was very stressful because he and Lamar didn't like each other. Finally Lars found a home with a pack of white dogs and a woman who is very devoted to him and understands his anxiety and special needs. She doesn't take him for leash walks, but just lets him run in the yard with the other dogs--which I think is a good solution for him.

    So there's an adopter out there for even the more difficult dogs, it just takes some time. Keep up the great work!