Monday, June 13, 2011

About my girls

Maddison and Missy
Lacey Jane


Here is a little info on the girls.  Missy -12, Maddison - 10, Dutchess -5, Lacey Jane - 2 and Lexi -1. Missy and Maddison came from a tiny little pet store that took in unwanted litters. Dutchess and Lacey Jane were adopted thru rescues and Lexi came to us as a foster puppy.  Lexi was very aloof as a puppy. Friendly, but she just wanted to do her own thing. So she was not adopted and by the time we had her for four months, my daughter wanted to keep her and her daddy said yes.  So she goes back to college and guess who gets to take care of Lexi - yep, that would be me.

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