Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Year with Lexi

                                                           Lexi with her sister Allie June 2010

Lexi came to us a year ago as a foster puppy.  There were 5 pups that came up from Darlington SC, and we took Lexi who was the only black puppy in the litter and her sister Allie who was chocolate. Allie was adopted out within a week.  Lexi is now ours.  She is suppose to be my daughters dog, but since she is away at college most of the time, most of the work of raising her went to me.  This dog has been a challenge since the day I took her out of the crate at the transport pick up.  She is not a bad dog - just very, very busy.  She wants to play all the time.  She jumps, counter surfs and barks her coonhound bark when she wants your attention.  We tended to overlook all these things because she is a love and she gets along with every dog she meets.  Every dog is her friend and she will stand still and let them sniff her and then turn around and play bow to them.  She has gotten along with all the other fosters that have come and gone.  However, I did get to the point of being annoyed with her all the time so I started taking her to clicker training.  This was one of the best things I ever did, for her and for myself.  I have learned so much and after the initial 6 weeks of classes I signed up for 20 more classes just because I had so much fun and I still learn something new every week.   She is learning, but at just a little over a year old we have a ways to go.

                                                                Lexi  May 2011

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