Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whitely goes to Nanny's House

I spend a good part of every day with my mother.  She has dementia and I quit my job last November to take care of her as she was not liking her caregiver too much (part of the dementia).  So the one good thing about it is I get to spend more time with the dogs and I usually take one with me as my mom likes dogs.  Lexi and Lacey are still to jumpy to take and Maddison will whine the whole time we are there to go out and play ball.  So right now I alternate Missy, Dutchess and Whitley.  My mom has a huge yard with woods in the back so we have alot of wildlife wandering around.  Today was Whitley's turn and he got to hang out with me all day while I cleaned the enclosed porch.  We did some clicker training and took several walks.  Unfortunately, he can't be off-leash as his recall is not so good.  We did flush out several squirrels, a couple bunnies and the same deer twice.  I think it was a good day for Whitley.

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