Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whitley the Foster Dog

Whitley is my 14th foster dog since I started fostering in May 2010.  He has been here since Thanksgiving and he has only had a couple of people interested in him.  I feel bad for him because Lilly #15 foster dog came and had her leg amputated and was adopted pretty quick.  Whitley is a big boy and 5 years old.  I normally get in pups that are between 5 -8 months and they all go fast.  For some reason I stepped out of my box and took Whit and it looks like he might be here forever.  He is fine with all five of my girls, but if you put him on leash or he sees a dog on the other side of our fence he turns into dogzilla.  We have been going to clicker training and working on his issues.  I don't think he will ever be reliable, but I have learned ways to manage him.  He is very good in the house, rides well in the car and walks good on the leash as long as another dog does not get too close.  He minds me and is a very loving dog.  Good thing since it looks like no one wants him.

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