Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waiting for Delilah

Delilah playing in her foster home in South Carolina
Finally got confirmation that Stephie whom we are going to call Delilah is coming on Sunday.  Can't wait to get her as I have not had a young pup since last August.  I am hoping my big dogs do not scare her as they can be overwhelming. She is still healing from all her injuries and they said there might be a problem with her eye.I hope it is not serious.

Lexi and Whitley have been driving me crazy the past few days with their craziness.  They play so rough and I always have to intervene so things don't get out of hand.  I bought Whitley a front hook harness yesterday and took him for a walk - he didn't do as good as he does on the halti and I was not as comfortable either as I have no way to control his head if we run into trouble.  I try to be calm and relaxed when I am walking him, but I am always on Alert for other dogs or kids running around or on bikes.  He really needs a lot more work before he is adoptable.

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