Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jetts New Life

                                                    Jett at the Shelter in SC  May 2010
                                                           Jett when he arrived in NY  August 2010
                  Jett at Petco Family Fun Day May 2011- now a whopping 82 pounds
Jett is a big black lab that I finally got to foster last August.  He was brought into the shelter we pull from in South Carolina in May and I asked to have him sent to our rescue then.  I was told another rescue was taking him so I pulled several more dogs over the next three months and then I saw his picture on the Urgent list.  I sent a not to happy e-mail to find out what happened and was told his rescue fell thru.  So finally after almost four months I got Jett to New York.He was just shy of one year old and  was the happiest dog. I took him to an adoption event at Petco the first week I had him.  An older retired couple had seen him on petfinder and came from about an hour away to see him and they immediately wanted him.  Their application was good and everything checked out, but I knew I was going to have a problem getting it ok'd by the head of the rescue because of their age.  I was a little concerned too, but I just had this feeling that they would give him a great home.  So I got it ok'd and my husband and I took Jett down to do the home visit.  The first thing he did was potty all over their livingroom carpet.  I figured they would toss us out on our ears, but no, they still wanted him. Jett now lives like a king.  He goes to their summer camp, rides around in a golf cart and goes to lots of doggie birthday parties.  They keep in touch and send pics all the time.  I could not have asked for a better home for Jett.  He came to an event at Petco we did at the end of May and he was the best behaved dog there.  He is truly loved.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's great that you've adopted so many "big black dogs" which are the hardest to adopt out! And you foster too - awesome. :-) Jett is a gorgeous dog, and so lucky to have his life turned around thanks to you and his new family!